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PTFE gasket is a breakthrough in the field of sealing technology. It has changed the traditional way of using static sealing. It is a new concept of high-quality practical gasket, which is a comprehensive functional sealing product with wide meaning. The PTFE gasket, which replaces the sealing tape of PTFE sealing tape and other sealing materials with its excellent performance, is increasingly popular and widely used in various types of sealing industry. It can effectively eliminate all kinds of mechanical equipment, fuel tank end caps, cylinder end caps, gear box end covers, various pipe flanges, installations, storage containers, towers, tanks, especially non-metal industrial production facilities. Leakage and enhanced sealing performance are effective tools for industrial manufacturers and related industries to solve the "run, run, drip, leak" and leakage of gas and liquid media.

Types of PTFE products: pure PTFE gasket, PTFE sandwich gasket, expanded PTFE gasket, modified filled PTFE gasket. The sealing element may also be provided with a surface layer or an anti-adhesive treatment layer to increase the sealing effect and prevent adhesion to the flange sealing surface. The surface layer material may be polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) or a metal material with low yield strength (now, brass, mild steel, nickel, monel, etc.), or may be a surface coating: such as lead, tin, gold, silver, PTFE, etc. The PTFE gasket can also be covered with a metal protective cover to protect the core material from chemical attack while retaining the elasticity of the core material.

Insufficient PTFE gaskets, PTFE has "cold flow". That is, the plastic deformation (creep) of the material product under the action of long-term continuous load, which imposes certain restrictions on its application. For example, when PTFE is used as a gasket, the bolt is tightened tightly so that the gasket is "flowed" (creep) and crushed when a certain compressive stress is exceeded. These shortcomings can be overcome by adding appropriate fillers and improving the structure of the part. Our high-performance PTFE gasket products, which have been developed and produced by ourselves, have been widely used in aviation, ships (radiation-proof sealing materials and reciprocating seals are promoted on special ships), civil machinery industry, etc. The production process and quality of PTFE gasket products have reached the recognized level.

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