Durable PTFE gaskets processed by Dongguan manufacturers

Teflon gaskets are used as sealing materials in many applications. Because of its high corrosion resistance, stable physical properties, high and low temperature resistance, it has achieved good sealing performance. It has wide application in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, electric power and steel industries. Suitable mediums include water, oil and acid. Almost all chemical components such as solution and alkali solution.

There are many processing methods for PTFE gaskets, which are turned by PTFE rods, stamped and turned by turning PTFE plates, and can also be processed into PTFE molded tubes for turning or open mold direct molding gasket sintering. Why is the PTFE gasket processed by Dongguan Jinmeitai durable? Because the PTFE gasket processed by Dongguan Jinmeitai is directly molded or processed into a molded tube for turning into a gasket, compared with other methods, Dongguan Jinmeitai processing PTFE gasket, it is molded, the pressure is relatively high. Large, inter-molecular space is small, the material is fine, so the PTFE gasket processed by Dongguan Jinmeitai has relatively high wear resistance and hardness, and the creep resistance is improved. Therefore, Dongguan Jinmeitai is recommended for more important sealing occasions.

PTFE gaskets, also known as PTFE gaskets, are widely used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Polytetrafluoroethylene gaskets are a kind of sealing materials, but because of their stable physical properties, high corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistance, Called the originator of the gasket industry. Teflon gaskets are durable and reliable, soft and easy to cut. They can be cut mechanically or by hand for easy installation. It has strong chemical corrosion resistance; the special design makes the pad have strong creep cold flow resistance, which ensures the stable holding of the bolt fastening force during the sealing process; it has good flexibility, compression resilience and resistance. High and low temperature, non-aging, self-lubricating, etc.

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