Dongguan PTFE gasket effect application

The mold of the PTFE gasket is mainly the key component in the pushing process, and the level of the mold design and the level of the production also determines the quality of the process. The die pressing force is proportional to the taper angle of the male die, so the usual male die taper angle does not exceed 20 degrees Celsius. The angle of the male mold cone is small, and the reduction of the pushing force is favorable for the stability of the outer diameter of the insulation, and the effect of thick-wall insulation is more obvious. Surface modification of polytetrafluoroethylene remote argon plasma.

The remote plasma processing technology is a new technology developed by researchers based on the form of discharge, the shape of the reactor, the position of the material, etc., and the development of a new technology using plasma to treat organic materials, using a remote argon plasma pair. Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) membranes were subjected to surface modification studies. The male mold line of the PTFE gasket should be selected according to the properties of the resin and the proper selection of the product. The length of the cable is favorable for the stability of the outer diameter of the insulation and makes the surface smooth, but it is not conducive to the volatilization of the additive. Secondly, the smoothness of the inner surface of the positive taper angle of the Teflon gasket is the key to high speed and high compression ratio extrusion.

The PTFE gasket mold uses a PTFE plasma gasket to modify the surface of the oxygen plasma. It is a reactive plasma gas, which can generate a variety of active particles in the plasma state, mainly excited oxygen molecules and Oxygen atoms can participate in the chemical reaction of PTFE surface, oxidize, etch, etc., and the etching effect is very strong. The surface treatment of PTFE is carried out by remote oxygen plasma. The results showed that after the treatment, the surface of the PTFE was broken, and C=0 and C-0 active groups were introduced, and the surface wettability was improved.

The PTFE surface of the PTFE gasket mold has been applied to the PTFE surface by remote argon plasma treatment. The surface morphology and surface chemical composition have changed, and the treatment effect is better than the conventional argon plasma. The remote argon plasma can be used. To some extent, it inhibits the etching of electrons and ions, strengthens the free radical reaction, and obtains a better modification effect on the surface of the material.

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